Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sanitary Tortilla Company-San Antonio, Texas

Every time I see a delivery truck or advertisement for Sanitary Torillas I wonder to myself, "Aren't all tortillas being sold sanitary?" According to an ad in the San Antonio Light, which ran on September 11, 1925, not all tortillas were created equal. The ad reads, "Pure and wholesome tortillas made without the touch of human hands by the Sanitary Tortillas Mfg. Co." The bottom of the ad read, "Important Notice: Many of you have been eating thick tortillas, badly cooked, running the risk of infection. Now you have a REAL MEXICAN Tortilla, uniformly cooked, and made in a sanitary way." Since they have been around for 87 years, the tortillas are not only sanitary, they taste good! The recipe probably has not changed much, but the prices have had to go up with the times. In 1925 the factory prices at 108 Laredo Street were, 5 cents for a bag of 8 tortillas, 20 cents for a bag of 40, and $1.00 for a bag of 240. If you wanted the tortillas in a box, it would cost 2 cents extra. They also provided delivery services within a two-mile radius at higher prices. Congratulations to Sanitary Tortilla Manufacturing Company for making a quality food product and providing jobs in San Antonio for 87 years. We look forward to celebrating your 100th anniversary.

The Dallas Morning News "Tortilla factory sticks to tradition"

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